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Meet Jack Blattner, Director of Public Policy and Government Affairs.

In his role, Jack oversees policy and related issues for our Policy Department. This department has the privilege of representing the interests of our hundreds of member businesses before government entities throughout the entire six-county region.

“We’re in the happy position of negotiating not for one particular industry or interest, but rather the economic health of the region as a whole. That broad mission gives us a well-earned reputation as an honest broker,” says Jack.

Formerly a political law attorney, Jack brings extensive legal knowledge to the team and can advocate for the needs of the business community in both a swift and decisive manner. Jack also staffs our Study Mission and Cap-to-Cap programs and provides keen insights and strategy on all policy matters. 

One of the region’s biggest fans

Despite his title, Jack is more than just a policy wiz. As a proud Davisite, he’s extremely passionate about supporting the prosperity of the Greater Sacramento region. You can easily say he’s a huge fan of the culture, resources, and economic development that have occurred throughout his lifetime.

“The Sacramento region really has everything. It’s interesting that people from outside the area see Sacramento as this little cow town, despite us closing in on 2.7 million people in the 6-county region. That’s bigger than 15 states! Bigger than Slovenia! We have a top-ten public university in the country, natural beauty, an incredible food and agriculture scene, and of course, the state capital, which isn’t going anywhere. And yet we do still feel like a small town, which I really enjoy. People are nicer to each other when you never know who knows whom” Jack excitedly explains. His role allows him to keep the momentum going for the Sacramento region and contribute in a more than meaningful way.

Ready for another Study Mission

During his first week with the Sac Metro Chamber last October, Jack was able to do just that and was sent to San Diego for Study Mission. As a first-time participant, his thoughts on the experience were “… we really saw how San Diego was developing its waterfront, growing a world-class biotech industry, redeveloping downtown buildings into creative housing, and tackling its own homelessness crisis with new city and county programs.”

As we are gearing up for this next Study Mission to Toronto, Jack is most excited to learn more about Toronto’s public transportation system which has some of the best usage rates in North America. In addition to being an advocate for business needs, he’s also a big supporter of forward-thinking economic development.

“I’m a huge believer in walkable and bikeable cities and pedestrian-only streets. Living in midtown, I admired what the City of Sacramento did during the pandemic with 20th Street, R Street, and Capitol Avenue in the Handle District. Other cities have had success with sporadically making streets pedestrian-only: like Roseville’s Downtown Tuesday Nights or the many events on Capitol Mall. But I was especially thrilled when Davis voted to permanently close G Street between 2nd and 3rd streets, in the heart of downtown, to car traffic.” Jack explains.

Plan for your next lively discussion

More than just our in-house policy and legal expert, he enjoys positively shaping the region he’s called home his entire life. If you’re attending Study Mission this year, be sure to connect with Jack about all things regional prosperity, growth, and future planning. Trust us – you won’t regret hearing his spirited thoughts on pedestrian-only streets, local-only hidden gems, and why we need a ‘Study Mission Davis’ in the future.

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