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Meet Pamela ‘Pam’ Sleadd, our incredible Finance Manager!

Pam has been with the Finance Department team since January 2022. The Finance Department is instrumental in supporting both the Chamber and Foundation by managing finances, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, financial reporting, and assisting with yearly audits. This department plays an extremely crucial role in the organization to which Pam brings so much grace.  

From the Bay to the Capital

Regularly the team highlights the patience, calmness, and understanding that Pam brings to her role. With warmth as a second nature, it should come as no surprise that she’s also a fantastic mom of two. Originally from the Bay Area, Pam and her husband moved to the region in 2000 when their daughter was just starting elementary school. “We moved for a better, slower pace of life, for our children,” explains Pam. As a Sacramentan for more than half of her life now, she’s really enjoyed how close it is to everything. “You can be at the beach or in the Sierra within a 2-hour drive. I enjoy hiking the beautiful trails or just simply going for a Sunday drive to explore the quaint towns.” Which is a sentiment we know much of our region would agree with.  

Passionate about programming

As many also know, the region continues to thrive and grow which Pam enjoys playing a part in through her role at Sacramento Metro Chamber.

“I enjoy knowing that we are making a difference for businesses – both large and small and doing our part to build a strong community,” Pam states.

Because the team is smaller, we often embrace an ‘all hands on deck’ spirit for key programs and events. One of example of this is Emerge Summit, our annual young professionals conference hosted through Metro EDGE (a program of the Metro Chamber Foundation).  

A message for young professionals

Each year, our entire team plays a huge role in staffing the event alongside Metro EDGE’s volunteers which is Pam’s favorite event to engage with.

“I really enjoy seeing the region’s young professionals come out for a day of personal development. It makes me excited for the next generation of leaders,” says Pam.

She also advises all young professionals, even her own children, to attend an event like this, “I would encourage both of my children to attend Emerge Summit for the networking, invaluable leadership skills and learning opportunities available through the breakout sessions.” says Pam. “I would encourage all young professionals to invest in themselves by attending Emerge Summit or to find a local program similar to it.”  

Work hard, play hard

In addition to experiences like Emerge Summit, Pam has truly appreciated the fun our team has together such as our Halloween Scavenger hunt through Old Sacramento last year. “…We found a monument the Chamber had previously sponsored. How exciting that was to learn something new about our past!” says Pam. “We are a relatively new group who is learning each and every day about the Chambers’ legacy.” Our team works extremely hard for our mission and members but with great people like Pam, it should come as no surprise that we do have a lot of fun while doing so!  

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