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We’re representing business throughout the six county Greater Sacramento Region, and your sponsorship and support makes all the difference.

Sponsoring Metro Chamber events can be a valuable investment for businesses of all sizes and connect you with new opportunities.


By sponsoring Metro events, businesses gain visibility in front of a large and engaged audience. These events are well-publicized and attended, and sponsorship will put your business’s name in front of potential customers and partners.


Our events provide excellent opportunities for businesses to network and connect with other businesses in their community. Sponsors can use these events to meet new people and build relationships, potentially leading to new opportunities for growth.


Sponsoring Metro events shows that a business is invested in its community and supports local economic development. This builds trust and goodwill and positions your business as a leader in the community.


Your sponsorship enables us to continue to create and support initiatives, programs, and events that benefit local businesses, workforce development, and the community at large.

Join us in sponsorship of unparalleled opportunities to advance the Sacramento region’s business and economic development agenda.

Annual Dinner & Business Awards

Annual Dinner & Business Awards honors exemplary businesses and leaders in the Sacramento region through prestigious awards such as the Sacramentan of the Year, Businessman and Businesswoman of the Year, Young Professional of the Year and Hall of Fame Awards.


The Metro Chamber’s annual Cap-to-Cap program remains the largest delegation in the nation to lobby congress. and is a unique opportunity for business and elected leaders to align around issues that affect the six county Capitol Region, and work directly with congressional and
administration representatives to organize board-based support for critical regional initiatives.

Study Mission

Each year, Metro Chamber has led regional leaders in community, business and government sectors on a Study Mission to another U.S. city as a unique way to learn about the success and challenges of another region, while addressing economic and regional issues that affect the quality of life in the Capitol Region.

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