Diversity, inclusion, and belonging at Metro

Here’s how we’re evolving from within to tackle the inequities and economic impact that systemic discrimination has on business, community, and our collective future as a region.


We hold ourselves accountable to our commitment of representing the region’s entire business community fairly and equitably.


Through our political action commitee, we’re working hard to advance policy that supports inclusive economic development and very specifically addresses the complex challenges of systemic racism.


We’re generating conversation and awareness on topics of bias and the importance of inclusive economics.

We’re also educating our team, board, and community on issues of diversity, inclusion, and belonging.

The Metro team


We ensure our vendors, consultants and partners are representative of the business community and committed to diversity, inclusion, and belonging as much as we are.

We’re making Metro more accessible for everyone

Open to all

Welcoming people from all cultures, backgrounds is essential, both to the chamber and the broader community. We are a platform for people and businesses to come together, network, and collaborate, and it’s important that this platform is accessible to everyone.

Support for all

We’re making sure everyone feels welcome to join Metro by providing resources, support, funding opportunities, and mentorship to businesses owned by underrepresented groups.

Benefits for all

Ultimately, by promoting a culture of inclusivity and welcoming diversity, we believe Metro can help to build a stronger, more vibrant, and more prosperous community for everyone.