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For nearly 70 years, SMUD has provided safe, reliable and low-cost electric power to the Sacramento Region.

But did you know that the community-owned, not-for-profit eclectic service, is also a small businesses supporter and driver of regional economic development?  Just last year, SMUD reinvested over $67 million into the local business community through its small business contracting program, called SEED.  And that’s just the beginning. SMUD is enhancing its commitment to accelerating innovation and entrepreneurship in the Sacramento region. They play a key role in our region’s efforts to attract, expand and retain companies, creating and sustaining employment opportunities for our communities. Then add in the fact that they have some of the lowest electricity rates in California, with best-in-class energy efficiency programs and expertise, and industry-leading renewable energy portfolio. It’s easy to see why SMUD is such a phenomenal booster of economic vitality in the Capital region.

To learn how SMUD could help your business grow and expand in the Sacramento Region, contact SMUD’s Economic Development team at 877-768-3674, or

SMUD Spotlight
Jim Alves and Erica Manuel

“Our team is excited to help you stay in business and thrive in our community.  We know that your success means success for us all.”

Jim Alves, Program Manager, Economic Development and Partnerships

Erica Manuel, Manager, Community, Economic Development & Education

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