Sac Metro’s Jazmine Alop reflects on her journey and what it means to be a part of the Metro team

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Jazmine found her passion for community engagement and workforce development through the opportunities provided by the Sacramento Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce. Raised in the greater Sacramento region, Jazmine attended American River College before transferring to Sacramento State where she studied Political Science. Her experiences at community college allowed Jazmine to explore her interests while staying close to home, something she came to greatly appreciate.

After college, Jazmine began working in the hospitality industry where she was introduced to the role that chambers of commerce play in supporting local businesses, fostering economic growth, and connecting communities. This sparked her interest and she soon found an opportunity at the Sacramento Metropolitan Chamber, starting in the Public Policy Department in 2019. Over the next four years, Jazmine worked her way into the Chamber’s Foundation where she now oversees workforce development program initiatives.

Jazmine takes great pride in the programs she manages which include Lemonade Day, Thousand Strong and Metro Strive. She is particularly focused on supporting young people in accessing opportunities to explore career paths and gain workforce experience. Jazmine finds it incredibly rewarding to provide direct access and exposure for young people who can gain so much from these experiences.

Beyond her own programs, Jazmine emphasizes the importance of communication and collaboration at the Chamber. She works closely with teams across departments, ensuring alignment between the Policy, Membership, and Foundation teams. Jazmine stresses that bringing diverse perspectives together makes the Chamber’s work more impactful overall.

After four years within the organization, Jazmine is still driven by her passion for community. She strives to keep programs dynamic and engaging each year for participants. Jazmine is fueled daily by the excitement she sees from individuals and the tangible impacts being made. For her, it’s about quality over quantity— seeing lives change for the better is what matters most.

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