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Mitch Gaskey is the owner and operator of Real Clear Metrics, a Sacramento-based SEO company. Before becoming an SEO consultant, Mitch was a project manager for a Real Estate Developer in the region. In this position, Mitch was able to put his Mental Health Counseling degree to good use by being able to balance and manage many personalities on many projects.

However, Mitch discovered that he had more of a passion for helping people directly improve their businesses rather than develop land. This led Mitch on a journey to figure out what would be the best way to do that and be able to take advantage of the opportunities that internet provided. Which caused him to learn about SEO and how it can provide a very tangible way to drive more clients to a business.

Now Mitch is committed to helping businesses full-time to optimizing their websites, their social profiles, and attain higher rankings in order to bring in high-quality clients to their services.

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