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The ties that bind the Capitol Region are incredibly deep and interwoven. Everyone seems to know everyone. Mac Clemmens is no exception.

Maybe it’s because, for the past 15+ years, Mac has been the CEO of Digital Deployment, a Sacramento-based firm that designs and builds websites. As co-founder and CEO, he is responsible for the growth of the company, recruiting and retaining top talent, and standing for Digital Deployment’s culture and values.

Yet in many ways, Digital Deployment is just a fraction of what Mac does in this community.

Mac has a self-proclaimed passion to “empower institutions, associations, and nonprofits to communicate online and better connect with their users while teaching them how to build measurable and sustainable business value.”

Mac is deeply tied to the community. He serves as a board member of Stanford Youth Solutions, the CSU Monterey Bay Foundation, the Comstock’s Editorial Board, and has served as Vice-Chair, Public Policy for the Sacramento Metro Chamber of Commerce.

And last year, Mac took that passion for the Capitol Region and served as the chair of the 49thAnnual Cap-to-Cap program.

Mac was “flabbergasted” when asked to be Cap-to-Cap Chair. “It was a huge honor,” said Mac. “There is literally no other program like this in our area. Cap-to-Cap is the flag-bearing event for our area.”

“It was a very humbling experience. Until you are living in it, you have no idea how much work goes into Cap-to-Cap.” Mac is forever grateful to the “deep bench of volunteers and breadth of expertise” that exists amongst the Cap-to-Cap staff and volunteers.

“Cap-to-Cap brings together the region’s smartest people and best minds in each team — teams that work tirelessly to pull off such a major event” every single year for the past 49 years.

Mac is not only a believer in the unique networking opportunity Cap-to-Cap provides and the community it supports; he’s also an advocate for the issues this program brings from Sacramento to DC and then back again — workforce development and infrastructure and emergency readiness, to name a few.

“The folks in DC are extremely approachable and I’m confident our actions in DC can and will make a real positive change in the Sacramento region.”

Learn more about how to get involved with this year’s Cap-to-Cap, our 50th anniversary.

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