Other Sacramento Developments Should Follow Debut of Golden 1 Center

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The hype has never been higher as Sacramento is now just weeks away from the opening of the Golden 1 Center. However, some are still wondering about the other developments of the downtown scene that have been promised over the years.

We can check a new arena off the list, but what about the makeovers to the downtown railyards, the Ice Blocks or the surrounding areas of Capitol Mall?

Sacramento Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Peter Tateishi says the inauguration of the Golden 1 Center could be the spark to get the ball rolling.

“You’re really seeing a big opportunity for our downtown resurgence just because of the Golden 1 Center,” Tateishi said. “There’s an investment and an opportunity that people are seeing in Sacramento.”

The downtown railyards have recently cleared some big hurdles in the rebuilding process.

“When you look at the railyards coming along, the roads are now open which is a huge part just for gaining access to that area,” Tateishi said.

Tateishi added there are a few big names leading the resurgence.

“Having Kaiser committed to there, a future M.L.S. stadium in there,” Tateishi said. “You’re seeing a lot of development.”

Construction to convert the old Hotel Marshall into a Hyatt could also start in early 2018.

Source: KFBK

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