MetroBusiness Center celebrates its first anniversary!

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MetroBusiness Center's first anniversaray

April 13, 2023, will mark the official one-year anniversary of the MetroBusiness Center (MBC)! Through consulting and specialized business education, the MBC serves as a resource for growing small and mid-size businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Under direct leadership from Foundation Executive Director Kyla Bryant alongside MetroBusiness Center Program Manager Madeline Barbour, the duo provided unparalleled business support, creating a thriving center for customized resources.

Through several county and city partnerships and grants, the MBC aided in business recovery in addition to it’s abundance of provided services. As a result, the MBC team supported 2,024 individual clients through-out six counties.

With the help of specialty consultants in finance, marketing, human resources and beyond, MBC provided 6,316 direct counseling hours in 2022 alone and supported over 3,287 jobs throughout the Greater Sacramento Region. Through the hard work of our team, the MBC proudly contributed to $27,365,500 in positive economic impact in 2022.

We’re extremely excited to build on this success and continue supporting a growing business community. You can connect with our Metrobusiness Center at or learn more at

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