Meet the entire Sac Metro Chamber Team!

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Over the past year, our team has experienced numerous changes, including the addition of new faces, promotions, and shifts between departments. This month, we’ve decided to take a moment and reacquaint you with the entire Sac Metro Chamber team through a fun collection of fast facts.

Meet Amanda Blackwood

Amanda has been leading the team since April 2018 and is currently serving as CEO & President. In her role, she is responsible for all at-large operations, strategy, decision-making, and beyond for the entire Sacramento Metro Chamber organization.

Fun fact: Amanda has an incredible singing voice and can dazzle a karaoke crowd.

Meet Riley Hayek

Riley has been serving as our Chief Operating Officer since October 2021. In her role, Riley oversees operations and resources for both our Board of Directors and internal teams, including providing human resources support.

Fun fact: While most people love getting a manicure, Riley loves giving them (p.s. she’s really good at it)!

Meet Tiffany Fraser

Tiffany has served as our Chief of Staff since March 2022. Tiffany plays a critical role in ensuring the Chamber runs seamlessly whether that’s through achieving company goals or providing executive support.

Fun Fact: Tiffany’s superpower is planning incredible experiences – she really knows a person, place, or thing for every fun adventure!

Meet Cheryl Nobert

Cheryl has served as our Chief Financial Officer since May 2021. Cheryl provides financial leadership, strategy, and guidance to support both the Chamber and Foundation’s long-term success.

Fun fact: Cheryl has a deep love of travel. It’s her goal is to take a road trip to visit every National Park in the U.S.

Meet Pamela Sleadd

Pam has served as our Finance Manager since January 2022. Pam manages financial operations including payroll, billing, and financial administration for both the Chamber and Foundation.

Fun fact: Pam loves pumpkin – the scent, the pie, the spice, the latte, everything pumpkin! Bath & Body Works during the fall makes her extra happy.

Meet Jenna Abbott

Jenna has served as our Senior Vice President of Strategic Initiatives since July 2022. Jenna plays a pivotal role in driving the chamber’s strategic vision and executing key programs such as Study Mission, Cap-to-Cap, and Annual Dinner.

Fun fact: Jenna loves the center stage and even studied Fine Arts (specifically Theater) in college.

Meet Jack Blattner

Jack has served as our Director of Government Affairs and Public Policy since October 2022. Jack works to ensure that the chamber’s interests are represented in legislative and regulatory processes and advocates for the needs of the business community.

Fun fact: Jack is a history buff and loves learning all the historical facts, especially local ones.

Meet Kyla Bryant

Kyla has served as our Executive Director of the Foundation and the MetroBusiness Center since October 2022. Kyla has been with our team since July 2019, serving in various roles including MetroBusincess Center Director, SBDC Associate Director, and Program Coordinator. In her current role, she provides oversight for the Metro Chamber Foundation including operations, strategy, and management of internal teams, Foundation Board, and program volunteers.

Fun fact: Kyla is hugely into sports including both the NBA and NFL but she’s also a NASCAR racing enthusiast.

Meet Jazmine Alop

Jazmine has served as our Workforce Development Manager since November 2021 and previously served as a Public Policy Coordinator starting December 2019. Jazmine supports economic development by aligning the skills and talents of the local workforce with the needs of employers in the area through key programs like Lemonade Day and Thousand Strong.

Fun fact: Jazmine loves to travel and has been to Mexico, Italy, and Guatemala (to name a few).

Meet Savannah Fox

Savannah has served as our Foundation Program Manager since April 2022. In this role, she oversees three of the Foundation’s core programs: Metro EDGE, Leadership Sacramento (including the Alumni Association), and Inspire Giving.

Fun fact: Savannah is actually a twin so don’t be alarmed if you come across her bay area doppelganger.

Meet Madeline Barbour

Meet Maddy Barbour. Maddy has served as our Member Services Manager since April 2023 and previously served as MetroBusiness Center Program Manager starting December 2020. In her role, Maddy focuses on membership strategies, relationships, and organizing Member events.

Fun fact: Maddy is a former member of the Gamma Phi Beta Sorority and spent her college days living the Greek life.

Meet Andrew Fernino

Andrew has served as our Membership Services Coordinator since April 2023 and previously served as Public Policy Coordinator starting October 2022. Andrew specializes in Membership Administration and onboarding, helping new members find their way here at Sac Metro.

Fun fact: Andrew is a huge Harry Potter lover and can best many ‘superfans’ in Hogwarts Trivia. Spoiler alert, he’s a Gryffindor.

Meet Monica Griffis

Monica has served as our Marketing and Communications Manager since April 2022. Monica supports our marketing and communications efforts including operations and strategy for the website, social media, eNews, PR, marketing campaigns, and more.

Fun fact: Monica is secretly a video game nerd! When she’s not ‘mom-ing’ she enjoys playing video games to unwind.

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