Blog: Leadership Sacramento Class to Create STEAM Program at South Sacramento School for Under-Served Youth

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Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics (STEM) fields provide increasing career opportunities, and nationally, STEM-related careers will outpace non-STEM careers over the next decade. Median earnings in California STEM careers are also more than double earnings in other careers. Despite the trends, California students continue to trail their U.S. peers in math scores. California also graduates a smaller percentage of certificates and degrees in STEM fields than other states.

Many of Sacramento’s growing industries are in STEM fields. Technology, biotech, AgTech and space engineering companies have a presence in Sacramento, and last year, Sacramento leaders announced a unique partnership to recruit Bay Area tech companies to move or open offices in the region. With Intel, Hewlett-Packard and Aerojet operations in the area, as well as the programs at the University of California, Davis and CSU Sacramento, Sacramento is already on its way to becoming the next technology hub for young professionals.

While the business community works to recruit employers, it’s important to guarantee a qualified talent pool of trained, knowledgeable employees who can serve as the workforce of tomorrow.

Knowing this is a high priority in the Region, the Leadership Sacramento 2017 Class proposed to support La Familia Counseling Center with a project that hopes to bridge the inequity of STEM preparedness and college degrees among women and people of color.

La Familia enjoys a tremendous reputation as a well-run organization whose mission is to empower communities, particularly school-aged youth, with resources and educational opportunities.

Leadership Sacramento’s diverse class of finance, technology, health care, music, marketing, legal and non-profit professionals seeks to collaborate with La Familia to create a comprehensive STEAM learning center at their Maple site location in South Sacramento.

The learning space will create new opportunities for students to engage and grow by offering STEAM activities and lessons about coding, technology, robotics, electronics, arts, and science.

The 2017 Leadership Sacramento Class will host an event later this year to highlight the importance of STEAM education while also raising funds to ensure the completion of this important project by year’s end.

To contribute to this class project, you can donate here.    



National Math and Science Initiative:; Between 2014 and 2024 STEM jobs will grow by 18 percent. Non-STEM jobs will grow by 14 percent.

Vital Signs: ; $44.67/hour v. $20.63/hour

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