Jane Hagedorn – In Memorial

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On March 14, the Sacramento Region lost a champion.  Jane Hagedorn was an articulate leader who spoke her mind and told the truth.  Jane suffered no fools, and always put her community first. 

In the 1990s, Jane worked with the Metro Chamber CEO to forge an unprecedented business-environmental partnership that would become the Cleaner Air Partnership (CAP) – a place where business and environmental advocates would sit down at a common table, meet, talk, and work together.  The secret to CAP’s success is and always has been a commitment to focus on actions that INCENTED the right activities vs using regulatory power to punish and extract payments. Because of this partnership, CAP secured over $100M over the years.

Jane was a pragmatist and knew after nearly 3 decades as a nonprofit CEO that she more could get done by working together than by duking it out in the courts or in the press.

The Metro Chamber remembers and will miss her

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