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Intel has approximately 13,000 employees in California at its two major sites in Folsom and Santa Clara. During the past five years in those two regions alone, Intel has contributed approximately $68 million to educational institutions and nonprofit organizations. More than 20 years ago, Intel established the Intel Involved Matching Grant Program to encourage and support Intel employees who engage in outreach and volunteerism in local site communities. Through this program, the Intel Foundation awards cash grants to qualified schools and nonprofit organizations based on employee volunteer hours. Since then, Intel Involved has become one of the most comprehensive and generous programs in the country.

Intel’s Folsom site continues to be a model of exemplary community service. Last year, more than 3,000 Folsom employees volunteered over 235,000 hours in the Sacramento region.  The Folsom site achieved a record-breaking 58% site participation rate—the highest ever for the site since the inception of the program. Because of Folsom Intel volunteers, more than $2 million of matching funds will go to support local nonprofits and schools. In 2015, the Folsom site also ranked first for corporate donations across all BloodSource regions, collecting 482 lifesaving units from more than 300 employees. It is this kind of employee dedication and passion that has made investing in site communities deeply ingrained in the company’s culture.

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Intel Volunteer Photo 1
Volunteers (left to right) Karen Percy, Stephanie Smith, Anna Blankenheim, Deborah Umstead, Margaret Kane participate in the annual school supplies drive. Last year, Intel employees donated enough school supplies to cover all 350 students at a Roseville Title 1 elementary school.

Intel Volunteers 2
Volunteers (left to right) Heather Levin, Thomas Johnson, Jagadeesh Radhakrishnan, Russ Ames, Martyn Romanko, Lian Tang and Krishna Vivek Kacham beautify the garden entrance at the American River Parkway for Earth Month.

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