Did you know ‘Barbie’ movie director Greta Gerwig was our 2016 Emerge Summit Keynote Speaker?

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Emerge Summit, the West Coast’s premiere young professionals conference is happening September 21st! 

This year’s theme ‘Leading with Legacy’ honors the 10th annual Emerge Summit conference. Attendees can expect a jam-packed day with themed keynotes, breakout sessions, and experiences meant to inspire, engage, and motivate. This year’s main speakers will focus on legacy – activating changemakers and trailblazers who have come before.  We know you are all patiently waiting to hear who this year’s mainstage speakers will be. Don’t worry, more information will drop very soon!

While we wait, in honor of our ‘Leading with Legacy’ theme, we’re highlighting our 2016 Keynote Speaker. She is no other than local legend, Sacramento native, and (yes!) Barbie movie director, Greta Gerwig. 

Greta graced the mainstage of our 2016 Emerge Summit ‘Be the Change’ with inspiring words related to her young professional journey. While she had already accomplished so much as an actress and director in 2016, it was only the start of her monumental success. Her appearance at Emerge happened just weeks before she began filming for her breakthrough movie Lady Bird (her love story to Sacramento). She even made an open casting call for ‘Lady Bird’ during her Emerge Summit interview on KMAX!

Watch the full 2016 interview below.

Each year our Emerge Summit keynote and mainstage speakers represent Sacramento’s best and brightest. You won’t want to miss an opportunity to be inspired by all that Emerge Summit has to offer such as mainstage speakers, breakout sessions, the 916 After Party, and countless professional and personal connections. You never know, someone from the day may even go on to film the highest-grossing Warner Brothers movie of all time.

Get your tickets while they’re still available: emergeypsummit.com

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