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Written by Rachel Zilner, Metro Edge 2017 Chair 

Giving back and making an impact are critical priorities among millennials, and Metro EDGE members are no different. Forbes characterized our generation as one that integrates “the causes they care about into their daily routines and purchase behaviors.” But it goes beyond selecting specific brands or businesses that give back to our global community or position themselves as businesses that do good. Millennials want to participate and see tangible results.

Last year, we surveyed Metro EDGE members on their philanthropic engagement. Nearly half reported donating between $100-$500 to charitable organizations in 2016. The second most popular donation category was $1,000 or more. For those who aren’t in a position to donate dollars, time and talent are equally as valued: EDGE regularly organizes a handful of well-attended opportunities throughout the year, offering opportunities to give back to our local nonprofits and improve our community.

Both our formal survey and casual conversations with EDGE members reveal a common denominator to giving back: the desire to make a local impact. Young professionals want to see their communities benefit from their philanthropic engagement. While some companies rely on annual reports and audits to base charitable contributions and philanthropic partnerships, Capital Region young professionals want to see returns in their daily lives and in the communities they live and work.

That’s why Metro EDGE partnered with Inspire Giving, the Sacramento Metro Chamber Foundation’s impacts within our communities. EDGErs are contributing to Inspire Giving either through donations or individual memberships that result in a vote on which local nonprofit with be the beneficiary of the endowment’s dollars each year. Since the beginning of this year, EDGErs have contributed nearly $10,000.

The annual engagement with Inspire Giving is the type of long-term partnership young professionals are looking for in their philanthropic pursuits. More than a transactional relationship, we want to give back to an organization that reflects our personal and professional priorities. For many young professionals in the region, that priority is making our Capital Region a better place. Want to get involved? Join us – learn more about Metro EDGE at

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