Big Win for Affordable Housing in Sacramento

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The Sacramento City Council approved the elimination of city fees for affordable housing projects Tuesday night. This huge win is the culmination of months of work by the Metro Chamber, its members and the broader business community.

The Metro Chamber‘s efforts to shape this policy took many forms. From testifying in public meetings and calling for a citywide housing production goal, to working with the Mayor, Councilmembers and other stakeholders to formulate policies to catalyze the development of affordable housing, the Metro Chamber has been focused on finding solutions to our local housing crisis that increases supply while removing barriers to growth.

The elimination of fees will apply to newly built affordable single-family homes and apartment units. The City Council acknowledged that Sacramento needs “thousands and thousands” of new units to accommodate the needs of low- and middle-income residents, and more needs to be done to expedite and decrease the costs of housing and mixed-use development. The Metro Chamber will continue to work with city leaders to craft a comprehensive program to streamline development and our City.

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