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2017 Inspire Giving Grant Recipient

At the 122nd Annual Dinner & Business Awards in January, we announced our 2017 Inspire Giving grant recipient was awarded to Lilliput Families.

WATCH: 2016 Inspire Giving Grant Recipient, Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services - Job Smart Clothing

The Metro Chamber Foundation’s Inspire Giving program is a charitable fund that seeks to support and grow the spirit of giving in the Capital Region by enabling every individual to become a life-long philanthropist through the creation of an annual gift.

As a member of Inspire Giving, individuals have the opportunity to combine their one-time donation with others to create an endowment. Each year, all individuals who have invested in Inspire Giving collaboratively select, via a voting process, how the endowment’s income will be distributed to a charitable organization within the Sacramento region. An awardee is announced during the Metro Chamber’s Annual Dinner in January. In addition to a monetary investment, members may also volunteer their time and resources in aid of the chosen project each year. In 7 years, Inspire Giving has donated $75,000 in grants to 7 nonprofits, leveraging an additional $975,000 in volunteer and in-kind services. Truly, a little is enough, if enough people do it.

To become an Inspire Giving member, a one-time minimum donation of $250 is required. The first 1,000 individuals contributing $1,000 each are considered “Founding Members.” While members may be solicited for sustaining contributions throughout the life of the fund, additional donations are not required to retain an individual’s fund membership. Becoming an Inspire Giving fund member means you become part of a network of peers who share a common passion: to make a positive social impact in the Sacramento region by joining other donors to celebrate philanthropy and together, make a larger financial impact than one individual could ever make on their own.

The Sacramento Metro Chamber has partnered with the Sacramento Region Community Foundation (SRCF), a 501(c)3, to administer the Inspire Giving Fund.


RECEIVED $75,000


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It was the countless hours and donations from the business men and women of the Sacramento Metro Chamber that made it all possible. Through their dedication and their hard work, we now have a food bank that is a wonderful facility for the entire community of Sacramento and I can’t say thank you enough.

Eileen Thomas, Executive Director River City Food Bank

Our youth writers, volunteers, and board cannot thank Inspire Giving enough for its generosity. Winning the prize money and in-kind services made it a reality to open a whimsical writing center for low-income youth. The Inspire Giving team supplied the leadership, tools, talent, and time to make our vision a reality. They exceeded our expectations, and in turn, inspired us to aim higher and bigger to make an impact in Sacramento.

Katie McCleary, Executive Director 916 Ink