Capitol-to-Capitol 2021 (VIRTUAL)

As business and community leaders, you make our region better, every single day. The impact you continue to make in our communities has elevated the region’s prominence to a global level. As stewards of positive change for the last five decades you have fought and won the resources we need to fully embrace our potential as a Capitol Region.

At the Sacramento Metro Chamber, it is your perspective and engagement that places the business community in the driver’s seat of change. We rely on your leadership to advocate for the business climate necessary to support and accelerate our inclusive growth. Moreover, our legislative leaders rely on your expertise to guide their decisions; decisions that will impede or advance our dreams of being a world-class economic powerhouse.

In a year packed with volatility, business and community leaders like you, have remained unwavering in your dedication to unleashing all that we are capable of. Despite the challenges thrown your way, you have maintained your vision for what is possible and embraced the opportunity to serve when our community needed it the most.

Your commitment to this vision has elevated the region in a whole new way, demonstrating our collective resiliency to achieve nothing less than excellence for the six counties and twenty-two cities of the Greater Sacramento Region.

Now is the time to unite and advocate as we transition from “What Is,” to “What Should Be.” As experts in business and our community, our legislative leaders rely on the Sacramento Metro Chamber’s voice to advocate and stand for policies that make our region not just better, but remarkable. Your advocacy is the force behind the Greater Sacramento Region in which we all thrive.

As we enter a new world with myriad uncertainties, we do know one thing for sure. Business will have a future. It will either be a future by default or a future by design. The choice is ours.

I challenge you, our experts in business and guardians of our legacy, to join us on October 25 – 29, 2021, as we achieve our vision for businesses in the region for generations to come.


Amanda Blackwood
President & CEO
Sacramento Metro Chamber

Policy Issues

Delegates will be organized into teams for lobbying appointments. When registering online, you will be asked to select your first and second team choices.

  • Air Quality
  • Civic Amenities
  • Community Resources
  • Economic Development
  • Flood Protection
  • Food & Agriculture
  • Health Care
  • Land Use & Natural Resources
  • Public Safety
  • Transportation
  • Water Resources
  • Workforce & Education

Delegation Reception

With lobbying, comes rewards! At the end of our weeklong event, we invite you to celebrate your successes in advancing policy to benefit the Greater Sacramento Region. Fine food, drinks, and the best in entertainment awaits you and your policy colleagues. The Delegation Reception embraces fifty-years of collaboration by our business leaders, policy partners, and the Sacramento Metro Chamber.

Standard Per Person Rates:
Program Participation: $499 (check payment)
Program Participation: $520 (credit card payment)

**Members Only Policy: As space is limited, attendance will be awarded to Metro Chamber members only. Sponsorship is also a member-only benefit. Join today to guarantee your registration and other members-only benefits. Contact Membership at 916-552-6800.

To register for Cap-to-Cap, click HERE.

Sponsorship & Event Inquiries

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Attn: Susan Harris Brazelton
Phone: 916-826-5410

What is Cap-to-Cap?
Every year, the Sacramento Metro Chamber organizes a delegation of hundreds of area officials and business leaders to travel to Washington, D.C., and meet with federal representatives. The Capitol-to-Capitol program is meant to secure funding and resources for high-priority projects in the region and raise local concerns to officials at the national level. This year’s delegation will meet virtually with our national leaders but network locally, October 25-29, 2021.

What do attendees hope to gain by participating in Cap-to-Cap?
In 2018, then Mayor Christopher Cabaldon (West Sacramento) attended Cap-to-Cap. When reflecting on why he attended, he said “to secure funding for the Downtown Riverfront Streetcar project, which has been a significant regional priority and is partially in my own city.” Former Mayor Cabaldon left Cap-to-Cap with a victory, stating “As we left D.C., we got the support of Congress to move forward with the project and secured $50 to $100 million in funding for the project. Part of our objective was to make sure that Small Starts Grant agreement signed with the federal government.”

How has the Greater Sacramento Region benefited from Cap-to-Cap?
Cap-to-Cap helps provide a tremendous financial boost and investment to the Capital Region. And this funding — some of it to support workforce development— impacts all of our communities. The delegation has had an impact on resources around water/flood management/wildfire recovery, and so much more. As City Councilmember Rick Jennings, and former Oakland Raider, once said, “Cap-to-Cap is our Super Bowl.”