The Sacramento Metro Chamber offers members the opportunity to serve and make their voices heard on policy matters, economic development events, programs, and activities managed by the Metro Chamber.

The Metro Chamber encourages participation and, in fact, relies on the expertise of members to guide the actions of the organization. Serving on a committee offers the opportunity to play a relevant leadership role, increase the value of membership and increase visibility among member businesses.

Arden Arcade Business Council
Rob Ford, Ames-Grenz Insurance Services.
Staff: Chris Smith (916) 321-9113
Committee focuses on advocacy and issues surrounding the Arden Arcade business community.
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Civic Amenities
Michael Caselli, F&M Bank
Co-Chairs: Dianna Poggetto, American River Parkway Foundation and Jody Ulich, City of Sacramento
Staff: Chris Smith (916) 321-9113
Committee helps promote the arts, culture educational and recreational activities in the region by showcasing their economic value and pursuing policies favorable to their success.

Economic Development 
Rob White, Sierra Energy
Staff: Chris Smith (916) 321-9113
Committee focuses on adoption of policies at the local, state, and federal level that encourages innovation and set the proper climate for business to flourish.

Workforce & Education
Chair: Anette Smith-Dohring, Sutter Health & Amanda Merz, Safe Credit Union
Staff:  Chris Smith (916) 321-9113
Committee advances policies at the local, state, and federal levels that holistically improve the systems and fosters the career pathways approach to learning, thereby ensuring economic growth in the region by meeting employers’ needs while providing the requisite skills for each citizen to pursue the career opportunities of his or her choice.

Flood Protection & Water Resources
Staff: Chris Smith (916) 321-9113
Committee pursues public policies and financial resources necessary to ensure proper flood protection infrastructure and water resource infrastructure is available for the greater Sacramento region in order to promote sustainable economic growth.

Food & Agriculture
Doug Dransfield, Golden Pacific Bank
Staff: Chris Smith (916) 321-9113
The Metro Chamber recognizes the impact agriculture and the food economy have for our region and job creation. As one of the core business clusters identified in the Next Economy Regional Prosperity Plan, food and agriculture are key to the Chamber’s economic development efforts. This committee focuses on promoting policies and projects that strengthen food and agriculture and capitalize on their unique strengths in our region.

Health Care
Michelle Orrock, Molina Healthcare
Staff: Chris Smith (916) 321-9113
Committee focuses on state and federal health care policy to ensure the region’s diverse and unique health care economy maintains its place as one of the region’s core economic growth clusters, in particular, amid increasing demands for services from new enrollees and an aging population.

Land Use & Natural Resources
Lisa Westwood, E Corp Consulting and Sherri Miller, Garcia and Associates
Staff: Chris Smith (916) 321-9113
Committee focuses on policies, such as zoning, permitting, environmental requirements, planning guidelines and development fee structures that can impact whether economic development can occur and whether projects are undertaken in a collaborative, integrated, and sustainable manner.

Doug Fredericks, Psomas and Erik Johnson, SACOG
Staff: Chris Smith (916) 321-9113
Committee proactively advocates at the local, state and federal levels for programs and policies that benefit the regional transportation system for both the movement of people and goods.

Ambassador Program
Lucius Williamson, Williamson & Associates
Staff: Emily Dutch (916) 319-4276
Acts as an extension of the Metro Chamber Member Services team and is a recognized liaison group between the Metro Chamber and its members and promotes Chamber engagement.

Erica Taylor, Golden 1 Credit Union
Staff: Emily Dutch (916) 319-4276
Develops recruitment strategies and ensures Metro Chamber activities are addressing needs of members and community.

Marketing & Communications
Gordon Fowler, 3fold Communications
Staff: Erika Bjork (916) 606-4554
Committee formulates and directs communication activities, emphasizing brand, strategic alliances, marketing, internal and external communications programs and media relations.


Thanks to the Metro Chamber and their great service, my member rep took one-on-one time to do business introductions. I’ve received responses from 80% of the introductions that were made! What could be better than the opportunity to build my network with the Chamber’s focused help and attention on my behalf.

Dave Morrow Mission Courier

The Chamber is the center of the business community. They do such a good job representing my interests as a business owner with legislative and regulatory issues.

Rita Gibson Rita Gibson Insurance

I continually am referring or receiving business through being a part of the Metro Chamber.

Ray Mireles Commerce Printing